How to cook a burger on the grill

Learn how to cook a burger on a grill. This step by step video teaches about cooking the best burger in the world in a fun and easy way. 

Learn how to cook a burger on a grill. This step by step video teaches about cooking the best burger in the world in a fun and easy way. Whether you are cooking a Restaurant Style USDA Prime Steak Burger, or a homemade patty, this educational video teaches you how to make the best burger in the world. But don’t take our word for it, we invite a guest burger connoisseur to give us his take in this episode of Steak University TV.

Hi, I’m Mark Kranenburg! Welcome back to Steak University TV! Today we’re hanging out in my backyard making USDA Prime steak burgers. Did you know that you could have the Ultimate Steak Experience eating a hamburger?
These burgers are made from steak trimmings of USDA Prime beef which is the top 2 percent of beef in US. 
As you can see these burgers are all individually vacuum packed so you can pull them out as you need them. No waste.
Not all our burgers come like this just the USDA Prime and Wagyu Burgers. These are restaurant style burgers, so as you can see they’re really thick which means they end up really juicy.
First thing you need to know is your grill’s gotta be smoking hot. I like to bury the needle so to speak. 
Crack the grill open. I always go in put a little bit of oil on the grill. That’s the secret right there. Oh yeah, get that grill nice and black. That’s a thing of beauty right there. Crack the package. It’s nice and juicy. Slap it on that grill. You hear that? Beautiful! Don’t forget to put your Chicago Steak spice on it. 
I like to put mine on when it’s on the grill. I like to put a nice heavy layer. Now, we’re going to close it up, let it sit for 3 minutes. In the meantime we’re going to put a little bit of oil on our bun and get it ready for toasting. I just like to put a little bit of oil-some of the good stuff right there. You might ask: What does a guy do for three minutes while he’s waiting to flip his burger? I’ll tell you what; you play a little bit of Tetris.
You got your steak burgers on the grill; you got a beautiful view-what could be better?
All right it looks like our buns are ready. It’s looking about perfect if you ask me. Put those off to the side; 3 minutes is up. I like to put it on a new spot on the grill. You can never have too much Chicago Steak spice. All right 6 minutes is up. It’s time to open it up and get this party started.
My mouth’s watering! Just like any steak you gotta remember you gotta let your burger set for five minutes; gotta let those juices reabsorb. 
All right let’s load this baby up. Tomato. Onion. Put lettuce. Couple of pickles for me. Now that’s a burger! 
You all know what I think. Let’s get the official taste-tester here. Gabe, take a bite of that. How’s it taste?
[Gabe:] “Good!”
This is one of those episodes that I just couldn’t wait to do ‘cause I love burgers! 
I am Mark from Steak University TV. Don’t forget to subscribe. 
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Happy grilling!
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