How to plate a New York Cheesecake

In this short product highlight, Chef Philippe talks about what makes a New York Cheesecake from Chicago Steak Company so delicious. Stay tuned to the end of the video for a quick and easy way to make the perfect plating of this classic dessert.

Hi I’m Chef Philippe, corporate chef for Chicago Steak Company, and welcome to my kitchen. Today, I want to talk to you about our delicious, creamy, New York Cheesecake from our Decadent Dessert Line. As you will see, each item in our dessert line has been handpicked to ensure that we offer you unique and elegant desserts to accompany your gourmet meal. 

Here we have our New York Style Cheesecake. Also, called Original or Plain Cheesecake, I can assure you there is nothing PLAIN about this cheesecake. As with all of our cheesecakes, this cheesecake is built on a custom blend of honey-graham-cracker-pecans crust and topped with a smooth cream cheese filling. Between these two, you get the perfect balance of rich creamy filling and crisp graham cracker crunch in each bite. You’ll notice this cake is pre-cut for you so it’s ready to serve to 12 friends. And what I like to do is offer some fresh fruit, maybe strawberries or raspberries to top it off. 

So there you have our New York Cheesecake from our Decadent Dessert Line. As you can see, this makes the perfect addition to any gourmet steak order. Be sure to check out the rest of our Decadent Dessert line.

One of the keys to cutting a New York cheesecake is that cold cheesecake is the easiest to cut. Cheesecake that are frozen cannot be cut well and hot cheesecake may get soften and fall apart while cutting. Use a neat and hot blade to share through your cheesecake. The thinner the blade, the better pieces you will get of your cheese cake. Do not try to use a cake cutting knife as this will not allow you having clean slices. Dip the blade into warm water between each piece you cut. This will lessen the chance of the blade getting sticky. 

Following are some tips on how to serve a New York Cheesecake so you have a perfectly sliced New York style cheesecake for your guests:

§ First of all you need to know what should be the size of your cake you want for your party. A cake with three pound weight can be sliced into 12 pieces. Not all of the guests will have one full sized piece and some them will search for a half piece. So you can take that a three pounded cake is enough for 12-15 person of the party.

§ Do use a spatula which is for a pie and place the pieces on plates. Try to keep the full shape by not breaking the crust. To add an extra mastery to it garnish it in a way that compliments it.

§ If you have fresh strawberry slice them and put them on each plate. Put some strawberry swirl on the cake adding strawberry jam on it and if the cake is a mocha cheesecake then you can also have a chocolate swirl on it.

§ Dress up your dessert and have fun!

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