How to Cook a Burger

You can learn how to cook a burger on the grill by going through this article. There are many articles on this recipe of how to cook a burger on the grill but this one is different from all as you don’t need to know a great deal of cooking for that. All the articles on the recipe of how to cook a burger on the grill can show a way to make a burger on grill but to get the perfect one you need to wait with patience and grow gradually with practice of making it.

 Ingredients for how to cook a burger on the grill:

·         Steak trimmings of USDA Prime beef – in a number you want to have them.
·         A little bit of oil.
·         Chicago Steak spice – as much spicy as you like it to be.
·         Buns – as many as you want your burger to be done.

Process of making it:

  • First of all you need to decide what the number is your adorable burgers are going to be.
  •       Take your Steak trimmings of USDA Prime beef as it is thick enough to give it a juicy texture.

  • Take as many you want to make or grill your burgers.
  • Heat your grill to the smoking high because you need that flair to cook the beef. Put some oil to restore the juiciness of the beef.
  • Put the Chicago Steak spice on the burger Pattie. Put it in thick layer to increase the taste.
  • Close the grill for three (3) minutes to be cooked thoroughly.
  • Meanwhile put a little bit of oil on the buns to toast them on the grill.
  • After the first three (3) minutes open the grill put the buns inside for toasting and also turn the steak trimmings of USDA Prime beef and put it in a different location of the grill.
  • Finally after the total six (6) minutes your burger ingredients are ready to be loaded.
  • Put some tomatoes, lettuce and onion on the top and close it with buns and it is done!
  • Serve the best burger in the world with sauce or pickles to your desires. 

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